Practicing over Tacoma

Practicing over Tacoma

  • Published: April 23, 2017, 7:49 pm

After several long weeks of nothing but rain, we've finally had a break in the weather. We just wanted to get out and fly. If you ask me, the architecture of bridges always seems to prove very photogenic, especially from the air.

It also had occurred to us that for operating in the Tacoma area, we've never gotten any nice shots of the iconic landmark that is the Tacoma Dome. I wish we had more time for those shots, but batteries were dying quick and we had to move to the next location.

Most of the shot in here are significantly increased in speed, simply because I didn't want the video to be 7 minutes long. Unfortunately when speeding up video like that, all the tiny little movements of bird become more apparent. Oh well, the flying was more to scratch an itch than anything else, and figured might as well share what we got, so I'm not bothered.

Now we're back to another week of rain.

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